beautiful, isnt it
Saturday, December 31, 2016
I must go where the brave men die yah.
at 3:58 PM
Sunday, December 25, 2016
Keeping essential services running on a god forsaken Christmas Day.
at 1:49 PM
Monday, November 28, 2016
I gave up buying my sofa today for this. Actually, I gave up all my meals today and probably the respect of all my colleagues who don't understand the situation fully, nor the steps my brain mapped out to prevent any fails in my safety net (isn't that why it's called a safety net?). It sounds like the right thing to do, giving up a sofa, but I just wonder, if anyone else would actually do the same.
at 11:44 PM
I can only hope I made a difference to 1, 2, or maybe 3 ppl today. I can only hope.
at 11:26 PM
Wednesday, November 02, 2016
So much dread.. for work and for on call.. only able to look forward to, if at all, to the end of call. When will I get to love the moment I'm living? Just all I'm asking for.
at 2:23 PM
Wednesday, September 28, 2016
Felt OK abt being HD MO ytd. In fact felt better than quite a few of the days back in team. Was quite geared up, but dno why this morning just so dreary. Must be cos I'm tired. But I don't get it, the more I sleep towards 6h a day the more tired I get daily. Wtf.

Anw, I think it's not too bad. Or at least I should tell myself it's not too bad. Just handle changes and pts as they come. Can one.
at 8:04 AM
Tuesday, September 20, 2016
Brain is so painful
at 8:07 PM
Friday, September 16, 2016
Sleep is a lie. Sleep "normal" 6-7 hours will end up more tired than when I sleep 3-4. Fuck this shit. And fuck being sick. Just uncomfortable and can't function. Fuck viruses, fuck ppl who come to work sick and spread this shit, and fuck ppl who expect ppl who are sick to come to work and spread more of this shit. Fuck medicine, all a lie. Fuck all of this haha.
at 8:48 PM
Tuesday, September 13, 2016
wow omg.. assassination classroom turned so deep, and is such a good love story
>< :'(
at 2:47 AM
Monday, September 12, 2016
dad says, follow your interest, if interest lies elsewhere and easy to change line, can change. if not, do for years and get the experience, then still can rage quit to something with relevant experience under my belt.

mum and ger have big dreams for me, think i can do big.

me? i just wanna slack and not work hard. think thats my aim in life. think thats what i do best and am most happy with regardless of what talents i might have. dad thinks i'll be bored and regret though, and I'm afraid too. but given not working hard being my main personality trait, I'm not sure if its worth it to put myself through any more shit haha.

dunno haha. fuck this
at 6:43 PM